Artist Statement by Alfonso Caputo

Alfonso Caputo is a gifted artist who also wants to create opportunities for everybody to experience the richness of art. Caputo is art director of Midac, an international museum for contemporary art in Belforte del Chienti in Italy.
After I won the first price in the international contest for digital art, I was invited for an artist in residency. I was very honoured, also with the chance for a solo exhibition in Midac. That took place in spring 2022. This exhibition was curated by Alfonso. At the opening, he gave me an unexpected gift: his view on my work. You can read it below.

Just an other brick in the wall? 

Compare and compare himself. Meeting and knowing different realities and relating them to each other. Transforming what is divisive into an element of union. 

Take the walls of a city, or rather of two cities as a pretext, to verify how much there can be in common between two entities that are distant from each other and connected only by the sensitivity of the artist who tries in his own way to read something that others don’t see.

Each crack looks the same as all the others and even the blade of grass, which stubbornly sprouts in spite of any apparent compactness, seems to have the same color regardless of latitude.
The wall that welcomes, collects, but also the wall that divides.

What interpretation can be given to these photographs by Heleen van Tilburg, rendered physical by printing on different supports, and which in their seeming abstract only at times allow us to recognize concrete details?

Perhaps the most effective suggestion is precisely in the title of the project which with its final question mark leaves out any certainty to say, quietly, that perhaps what each of us does is, or rather it could be, simply a little brick more , one more piece of that great universal mosaic that life represents.

In Amersfoort, in the Netherlands, or in Belforte del Chienti, in Italy, or anywhere else it doesn’t matter.

Alfonso Caputo
Artistic Director of the MIDAC Museum
May 2022, Belforte del Chienti



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