In a Turkeys newspaper, about my art at Art Nigde

In spring 2022 I had to honour to participate in an international group exhibition in Catalonia in Turky. A Turkeys newspaper wrote about my work. Here you can read some of the beautiful questions and my answers, in English.

Which theme do you use most in your works?
Discovering hidden beauty in worn out materials.

They surround us daily, but when it is not beautiful at the first glimpse, or when it is of no use anymore, we most of the time pay no attention to it at all. I want to show that there is a lot of (hidden) beauty in those materials that also wants to be seen. A Dutch poet, Huub Oosterhuis, said it this way:
dig up my face, make me beautiful.
                    who unmasks me, will find me.

What kind of an adventure take place in you and on the canvas while a painting is being created?
Well, I am not a painter, although many visitors think my artwork is painted. Before making pictures, I clear my head of all the things I still must do and of the daily issues that keep me busy. It also is important that I do not expect to make a beautiful picture. I just need to ‘hang out’ with no expectations and surrender myself to what is in the moment.
Editing in Photoshop needs the same conditions. This process is easier for me, I don’t know why. I work intuitively. I feel in my body when the result is good. It is as if all my cells smile in the same direction. Afterwards I analyse why something worked out well, or not. I connect my ideas with knowledge, discuss the results with others and gather missing information.
Once or twice a year a take a moment to look at the outline. Then I choose a focus for the coming period. This is helping me to do one or two things thoroughly. I also always make free work, just because I can’t stop doing so.

Which techniques do you use in your works?
I make pictures with a digital camera. Then I edit the works in Photoshop, sometimes only a few basic changes, sometimes more. It is just what the picture needs to get the best result in expression, collor, textures, forms and light. The result is an abstract work which challenges the viewer to discover own associations.

What is the perspective of art and artist in your country?
There are a lot of artists in my country. A lot of people have the talent, abilities and patience to create beautiful works and works that evoke a different view on reality. Only a few artists can make a living out of it. Most of the artists give workshops and have a payed job.
A recent development is that old factories are not demolished, but transformed in communities for artists and creative companies. Artists have working spaces, inspire each other, organise expositions and meetings and sometimes also live here.

Do you think every child should be directed to art?
Yes, I think that is very important. It offers the opportunity to play, wonder, have fun and discover new worlds.

Do you believe in the power of art over people?
I believe art has the power to uplift you from daily life, can lead you to another dimension of reality, and yes, it can give you a different perspective on reality. I also believe art is only one influence, there are many more influences.

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