Art and artist

In my younger years I photographed almost everything, just because I could not not take pictures. When some years ago my pictures became more than snapshots, I took individual lessons with photographers and artists. Of course I improved technical skills, but most of all, I discovered my own style. I take digital photo’s of details in rust, leaflets that endured Dutch weather or junkstuff in the house. After editing in Photoshop these daily surroundings transformed into abstract art. 


1st price Ventipertrenta 2018, 2019
International contest digital photography and digital art; Midac, Museum contemporary art  in Belforte del Chienti (Italië)

Solo exhibitions
* Solo ‘Worlds’ in Frame.de.galerie; Amersfoort 2016
* Solo ‘Own style – Photographing like a painter’; Mariënhof – 033Fotostad 2018

KunstKijkRoute Mei 2019 - Heleen van Tilburg

Group exhibitions







Movements (MO1) - Heleen van Tilburg

Project Movements

improvised music and dance, movie of artwork, exhibition of 10 artists from different disciplines;  Frame.de.galerie Amersfoort 2018





M.A.C. House (MH1) - Heleen van TilburgArt in museumcollections

2 artworks in MAC, museum contemporary art Leusden
9 artworks in Midac, Belforte del Chienti





Just an other brick in the wall, solo exhibition in response to an artist in residency in Midac; Belforte del Chienti en MAC Leusden